Head for Sales

A 9 week small group coaching programme for female entrepreneurs

or business owners 

Does this sound familiar?

You offer something fabulous the world needs.

You want to succeed. You know you can do it. You have the energy and drive.




You’ve hit a brick wall 

- Self-doubt

- Stress and anxiousness

- Self-sabotaging thoughts

- Overwhelm

- Imposter syndrome

- Feeling vulnerable

- Procrastination

- Worry

This turns your dream into a nightmare and keeps you awake at night


I feel your pain


The most important person in your business is YOU.

You’re investing your time, your energy, and your money into this. You CAN'T let this stuff get in the way of your success.


It’s time for you to master yourself from the INSIDE OUT

Discover the Head For Sales Programme

Head for Sales 
De-stress and focus your thoughts so you can create your own success 

How it works

  • 9 week programme

  • 9 x 1 hr LIVE sessions in a small group (3 peers and myself)

  • 2 x 45 min individual sessions


  • All sessions recorded

  • Access to an ever growing library of mindfulness, self-hypnosis, cognitive behavioural and relaxation audios and documents

  • Group chat

  • A De-Stress Bootcamp

  • Acces to your coach throughout the programme

Head for Sales 
The Programme



Week 1

Understand what stress does to you and take action

Recognise what's going on and start dealing with it

Week 2

Regulate your thoughts and emotions

Self-hypnosis, your hidden path to control and calm

Week 3

Really BE in the present

Mindfulness, your grounding tool to present moment awareness

The De-Stress Bootcamp runs parallel to the sessions for the first three weeks. This is the ideal way to be accountable and use the techniques in your life from day 1.


Week 4

Stop barbed wire thinking

Recognise, challenge, and eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts for good

Week 5

Power up the positive

Create and install positive self-belief to power your actions, strengthen resilience and gain confident assertiveness

Week 6

Rise to the challenge 

Quit ruminating. procrastination and worry. Use effective techniques to problem-solve creatively

Individual session

Your Ikigai



Week 7

Understand your client and why they buy

Deep-dive into WHO your ideal client is, WHAT they want and WHERE to connect with them

Week 8

Service first:

Hard helping vs hard selling

Individual session 

Linking your Ikigai to your Ideal Client 

Week 9 

Take Stock

Keep these skills at the heart of your life and work


Listen to Anne-Laure Allien (Nantes FR) who has completed the programme