De-Stress Gift Pack

Help a loved one declutter their mind!

What's included in the De-Stress pack?


  • 1 pre-session call to share information about the session, get to know my client and answer questions. 



  • 1hr of tailored mind and body relaxation and mindfulness exercises. Your loved one will discover and experience powerful mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

  • During the session, I gently lead the client through effective breathing, muscle relaxation, and mental clarity techniques to soothe and restore.

  • The session takes place by zoom letting your friend or loved one benefit from wherever they are in the world. 

  • Audio downloads for personal practice. Your loved one will receive everything they need to continue their practice at home

  •  2 weeks of personalized messages and videos to encourage and strengthen the practice after the session sent to their inbox or messaging app

  • 1 post-session call to wrap up the de-stress gift pack

The Session

- offer an experience not clutter

- offer a gift that will help a friend or loved one experience deep mind, body, and emotional calm and well-being

- Your friend or loved one will have support after the session to help the practices become a daily habit

- a gentle introduction to mindfulness and relaxation

Listen to Viv talk about how this gift has helped her