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The Free yourself from Skin-Picking Programme

Is this you?


You pick, scratch, or dig at your skin, you want to get rid of any blemishes or marks and can spend hours scouring your skin for the slightest imperfection.


And you want to STOP. 


You feel embarrassed and ashamed.

The pleasure and short-lived relief you may experience when you pick is replaced by overwhelming disappointment and guilt as you look at the damage you've done to yourself. Your skin is red and sore with scabs and permanent scars.


You feel even more anxious as you attempt to cover up the damage, which makes you start on a picking cycle again.

Sound familiar?

Skin picking is not an inevitable, lifelong burden.

If you're motivated and determined, you can completely stop or successfully manage skin picking.


The Determined Programme is your solution.

Windswept Hair

The Determined Programme
 in a nutshell

Determined in a nutshell

7 Online Personal Sessions 

18 De-stress Coping Techniques

Ongoing support with monthly group online meetups


Part 1

7 individual online cognitive behavioural

hypnotherapy sessions 

During our sessions together, these are some of the subjects we'll explore together

 1) Understand your Picking Picture

Our first step is to understand your behaviour. We determine your environmental, sensory, cognitive (thoughts) and emotional triggers are and create a picking picture. This gives us your starting point and one that we refer back to during the sessions. We now know exactly what we're up against and can move on to put coping strategies and skills in place.

 2) Find Inner Calm

You pick when either overstimulated : stressed, anxious, worried, overthinking, frustrated, or understimulated: bored or tired.

Learning self-care techniques to experience true calm and wellness is key to recovery. You gain confidence in your own ability to de-stress and self-regulate your emotions and thoughts.

Self-hypnosis, mindfulness, relaxation, and breathing techniques are combined to offer you an effective toolkit.


You are now ready to interrupt the skin-picking behaviour using a habit reversal protocol. You become stronger and more confident as you ride the urge and no longer react to it. The urges become less frequent and fade as your strategies work.

You understand what is happening and STOP pulling

You make the necessary changes in your environment to remain pull-free

It's now the moment to make significant changes to your thoughts in the final blocks of the programme

3) Stop Picking

4) Build Confidence and Self-Belief

Skin picking is often accompanied by self-doubt, low self confidence and anxiety. Your answer when you have had these feelings and thoughts until now has been to pick. Which has made your problem worse.


In this part of the programme we focus on effective tools to recognise, challenge, and swap out self-sabotaging thoughts to gain positive resilience.

You learn to answer back and defy that whispering voice that says: 'just this spot or just this bit of skin and then you'll stop' or 'you know this is the only thing that soothes and calms you'

This is essential to anchor the techniques and strategies firmly in your mind. You build up your self-belief and confidence as you STOP PICKING!

5) Know how to deal with a lapse

During the whole of the programme, as you gain awareness, you learn what to do and how to manage any future urges. Skin picking is not something that can be cured, however it is something that you can effectively manage so that it no longer has that dreadful hold over your hair or your life.

The behaviour doesn't come back unless you let it in. You now know how to keep it out. You're in charge.

Part 2
De-Stress Bootcamp 


During the first 18 days of your programme you receive a personal message every day that invites you to practice a de-stress exercise. 

Guided by audio and videos, you learn to use self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and relaxation exercises in your life.


Because creating a habit takes time, this regular practice helps you create an essential breathing space in your life.

Accountability and support during and between your sessions help to anchor the practice in your schedule.

Easy and terribly effective, you naturally use these calming routines in your daily life. 

Part 3
Ongoing Support

After completing the programme 

- Group support and accountability sessions

- Access to a growing library of hypnosis, mindfulness and relaxation audios and documents

Why the Determined Programme is effective

  • Your programme is individual and tailored to your personal skinpicking and life story

  • You are given the most effective tools to become your own therapist

  • You receive ongoing support during and after the programme

  • You have access to a growing library of hypnosis, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and relaxation audios and documents

  • Your therapist is someone who specialises in BFRB's

morag 1.jpg

Morag Stevenson BA HONS, CBH Dip


I created the Determined Programme to help men and women with excoriation disorder recover from this compulsive habit.


I use a strong blend of evidence-based techniques.

Hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, relaxation, habit reversal therapy can all be effective on their own to stop skin picking.

When we combine them, they give you powerful mind and body techniques to stop and remain free from any urge to skin pick.

The audios and documents we use during the sessions are yours for good. You can use them whenever you want.

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How long does the programme last?

The programme lasts approximately four months. As the programme progresses the space between sessions increases so that you become more and more confident in your own ability to successfully manage Trich.

How soon will I start experiencing beneficial effects?

After the first session, you often feel calmer and more in control of your mood and body tension. This can reduce your picking urges as you start to regain confidence and self-belief. You already have a greater awareness of your habit as you start to learn to take a step back and observe.

Do I have to work between the sessions?

Yes, this is an important part of the programme. You need to put aside time every day to practice what we have covered during the sessions. This behaviour took time to install itself in your life, it will need your time and effort to get rid of it

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a mindset or 'state' of deep concentration that lets you focus on different thoughts, feelings, or situations. A little bit as if you were in a daydream that you are the director of.

Everyone can learn this lifelong skill that connects you to the power of your mind. The hypnotic mindset is similar to the one you have when you’re absorbed in a film or a book and you're totally living what you are reading or watching.

You can either be guided into hypnosis during a hypnotherapy session with your hypnotherapist and/or learn self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis frees your mind and imagination from its normal constraints. You step off the hamster wheel and let your imagination flow. 

Does hypnosis work online?

Hypnotherapy can be practised either in person or online - its effectiveness is the same. Online is the ideal solution when you want to fit sessions around your schedule and not spend time travelling to and from sessions. Using easily available video conference tools we can see each other clearly and establish a warm environment together. My clients have all appreciated this solution. I work with clients who suffer with hair-pulling from all over the world, this is an obvious solution.

What is cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy?

CB Hypnotherapy is a short therapy that focuses on how to get better and feel better today. CB hypnotherapy is based on the way thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and actions are interconnected.


Negative thoughts and feelings can lead to you feeling trapped in a vicious cycle. With CB hypnotherapy, you discover the strength, resilience, and adaptability of your mind. You discover that the problems you thought were with you for good can be resolved! When you understand and manage the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you can manage trich.

What's the next step?

If you'd like to sign up for the programme or find out more about it, you can schedule a discovery call here. It will be a pleasure to speak with you

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