How do the hypnotherapy sessions work?

We have an initial telephone or Zoom consultation. You get to know us, ask any questions and we talk about how hypnotherapy can be of use to you. You can then decide on your next step.

In the first therapy session, we explore your issues and decide on the most effective treatment plan. We then implement this during our agreed number of sessions together.

You use the skills you learn in your life! 

Hypnotherapy isn't a miracle cure, however, you'll quickly feel the real benefits it brings to your life.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is a short therapy (3-10 sessions). It's based on the concept that thoughts, actions, and feelings are interconnected. During our sessions, we discover and challenge your unhelpful, negative, thoughts, and feelings. You learn to gain distance and no longer feel overwhelmed by them. With confidence and using your imagination, you confront them and regain control! 


We have a wide range of treatment elements to draw upon to create a tailored and flexible treatment plan for you. This can include problem-definition, problem-solving and decision-making methods, deep relaxation skills training, habit-breaking protocols, assertiveness training, social confidence and self-confidence building, negative thought stopping, pain control, positive mood training. 

Together we choose what is best for you to achieve your goals!

The methods we use are long established, evidence based, peer reviewed interventions. They are aligned with the conclusions of,  among others:

● The British Psychological Society


● The British Medical Association


● The American Medical Association.

Therapy sessions are 1hr long, except for the first assessment and conceptualization session that's 90 minutes. You receive the audio scripts and exercises that we've worked on after each session. The more you practice between sessions, the quicker you'll feel the benefits! The number of hours therapy needed is discussed in the first session, this varies according to your issues.



We work online using Zoom. Choosing online therapy gives you the freedom to benefit from hypnotherapy wherever you are in the world. No travelling, no time-wasting, no extra costs incurred. All you need is a private space, a good internet connection, and a comfortable chair. Earphones are a good idea too. We share any audio or written documents from our sessions using Dropbox - a secure document sharing platform.

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