Hypnotherapy and goals

When you decide to achieve a goal - a sporting performance, a weight loss programme, a creative performance or a business presentation to name a few examples, you sometimes sabotage your own efforts.


Do you recognise yourself here?

  • Your negative self-talk acts like a weight that ties you down, stopping you from even trying.

  • You believe what your mind is telling you 

  • You worry and  procrastinate, putting off doing anything 

  • You have no confidence in your ability to achieve your goal

  • The least setback becomes proof that you’re not good enough 

How Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals

CB hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals. Aligning strong, positive, confident thoughts and feelings with determined action will help you move your personal mountain!


During our sessions, we’ll uncover your negative self-beliefs and replace them with new, more helpful thoughts. Hypnosis will allow you to test out these new thoughts and feelings and give you the self-belief to move forward freely.


You’ll learn skills to nip procrastination and negative thoughts in the bud and strengthen your new positive statements, letting them take root deeply in your mind.  This confident grounding will spill over into other areas of your life too.


Just imagine the sense of pride and self-efficacy you’ll feel when you reach your goal!

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What my clients say

What my clients say

Weight loss

I contacted Morag for help with over-eating. It had recently gotten out of control during lockdown. Through gentle yet persistent questioning, Morag really got to the heart of my issues. By introducing simple changes to my daily routines and questioning my habits, Morag has really helped me move the dial on the scales in a very positive way. Thank you!

Claire Stakim UK