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Hypnotherapy for Stress 

When you're stressed out you can compare yourself to an elastic band pulled taut before it snaps.

You’re under pressure and can’t find the key to easing the tense state you’re in.

The signs of stress can be felt in your body, your mind, and your emotions.


  • Your body feels tense and achy.

  • Your heart races, your breathing is shallow and tight

  • Your sleep is affected - you find it difficult to get to sleep or you wake up at night with worrying thoughts that crowd your mind

  • Your mind goes blank at key moments and you find it difficult to concentrate

  • You feel overwhelmed and find it hard to cope

  • You engage in negative, self-critical thinking and believe that people are judging you

  • You worry excessively about everything

  • You notice that you are more irritable and short-tempered

Your body and mind are permanently on red alert and you can’t find the mental, emotional or physical space to get back to normal.

How Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help de-stress 

Hypnosis, relaxation, and mindfulness offer you stress reduction techniques to bring more calm and balance to your life so that you re-discover the restorative power of physical and mental well-being. 

When you calm your body you’ll already feel a difference in your mind, simply because when you’re physically relaxed you can’t have overwhelming, negative thoughts at the same time!

Your mind can slow down, hit the pause button and you can problem-solve rationally and effectively instead of mindlessly worrying.

When we're under too much pressure we no longer believe in our own power to change or manage difficult situations.

Stress increases negative self-critical thinking.


 CB hypnotherapy provides you with a mind toolkit that challenges and swaps out these unhelpful cognitions for more self-confident ones. You’ll discover how to recognise and reframe those automatic negative thoughts.

As your repetitive negative thinking reduces, so does your anxiousness.

Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to reprogramme your stress using the power of your imagination. 

We'll work to build your resilience and confidence in your ability to master your mind, emotions, and actions.

This gentle yet efficient approach will give you powerful allies to approach difficult situations differently. There will probably always be stress-creating events in your life, however, your reaction will be calmer and more self-assured. Alternative therapy provider


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