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Hypnotherapy for nailbiting

Nailbiting (onychophagia) is one of the most common BFRB's  (body-focused repetitive behaviour) affecting 20 - 30% of the population.

You seem to do this almost automatically. It's as if your mouth, fingers, and teeth have a mind of their own and are outside of your control. You bite your nails, chew the skin around them or your cuticles. You become absorbed in a particular piece of skin, tidying up a nail or making sure that a certain piece of skin is smooth. A never-ending task as your nails and skin are always jagged and unkempt.

Nailbiting is often something that accompanies you when you're thinking about a problem or worrying, the tension in your thoughts shifting to nail-biting. You literally eat yourself up.

As a result of your compulsive habit, your fingers and skin can be sore and red sometimes even bleed.

If you're ready to stop this habit and want to have nails and hands that you no longer feel embarrassed or ashamed about, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy can help.


How CB hypnotherapy can help you stop nailbiting


CB hypnotherapy can help you stop this compulsive habit for good.

During our sessions together we will use the deep relaxation that hypnosis offers together with a strong habit reversal protocol to stop nail-biting and shift it to something more calming and less self-destructive. You'll discover how much more positive and relaxing this can be.

Imagine having the nails that you want instead of the ragged, disheveled ones you have at the moment!

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What my clients say

Nail Biting

I’m retired and have bitten my nails all my life. I’ve tried everything to stop, but nothing's worked. What I liked about Morag’s hypnosis sessions is that no guilt or judgment was involved. We explored when and how I bit my nails. Using hypnosis we did relaxation and visualization exercises. I really felt that I had been given allies to help me. Today, I no longer bite my nails! I feel as if a burden has been taken away and I’ve even gained in self-confidence! I highly recommend these hypnosis sessions: it’s been the only way for me to overcome a childhood habit                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                    Anne Bruyère, Grenoble (FR)

Nail Biting

Just 3 sessions with Morag helped me to break my nail-biting habit - I finally have the neat nails I always wished for! In the sessions, we identified why and how I bit my nails and then found a new behaviour to replace the nail-biting. I thoroughly recommend working with Morag to help you make the changes you wish to see!                                             

                                                                                                      Annabel, London (UK)

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