Hypnotherapy and relaxation

The ability to relax, rest and restore your mind and body deeply and completely is an important skill to practice and perfect.


When you’re stressed and anxious your blood pressure rises, your heart beats faster, your breathing is shallow and your muscles contract. Your body is getting ready to fight, run away or freeze. This is an instinctive, primitive reaction that occurs when you feel threatened.


You can compare chronic stress to having your foot constantly on the accelerator, you just can’t slow down.


Stress affects not only your body but also your mind. You may find it hard to concentrate and be more irritable and short-tempered. Your sleep can also be impacted.

Your body is simply shutting down functions that are not necessary for immediate survival and maintaining you on red alert.


This stress reaction can be a life-saving reaction when you’re physically under threat, However, in today’s world, you can have this reaction when you feel under pressure in everyday life: an unpleasant email, a negative conversation with a boss, the apprehension of an interview…When stress is continuous, it can wreak havoc with your well being.

How CB hypnotherapy can help you de-stress


CB hypnotherapy can help you manage stress and learn relaxation


In our sessions together you learn how to use different relaxation techniques for your mind, muscle tension, and breathing. You practice and learn how to distance thoughts and create space for peace and stillness in your mind.

I draw on a blend of hypnotherapy, relaxation, and mindfulness to give you an effective de-stress toolkit.


You can often start to experience the benefits after a single session. Generally, 1 - 3 sessions will give you the tools you need to know how to relax effectively.

Imagine the peace and grounded feeling that deep relaxation can bring you!

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