Sell with confidence!

Each time you offer someone the opportunity to buy your service or product you can tingle with excitement or fear.

If it’s excitement, great!

When fear and self-doubt get in the way, you turn what can be a great experience into a moment of dread. Do you recognise yourself here? You know that the product or service you sell would benefit the person you’re speaking to and yet there’s a total block when it comes to talking sales. You don’t want to come across as pushy.

You wish you were anywhere else but having to ask if your potential client wants what you’re selling.

Let’s take a look at what happens during a sales conversation.

The 5 C’s are a good sales conversation thread.

Connect - You spend a few minutes finding common ground with your client - we’re from the same town, we both play tennis- the chat we all have naturally when we meet someone for the first time.

Care - You get to know your client and take more than just a fleeting interest in their situation. You can help them more if you know who they are! One size doesn’t always fit all.

Convince - this is the point where you show your expertise and how your service or product can fill the gap between where your potential client is and where they want to be. You are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and in your comfort zone. You know your stuff.

So far so good. From this point on is where it can start going pear-shaped.

Your next c is Conclude.

You know you need to ask the person whether they want to buy your service/product. Just like a film, your show needs an ending!

This is when you feel another person stepping in and stealing centre stage - your self-sabotaging thoughts.

This voice is telling you :

  • They won’t buy anyway

  • You’re not good enough

  • They think you’re rubbish

  • You’re useless

  • You shouldn’t be doing this anyway

  • It’s too expensive

You’re not connected to your client anymore - the real you has been pushed aside by your negative self-talk.

As you listen to your inner critic, your behaviour changes. Your heart beats faster, your breathing becomes more shallow, your mind races, you stumble over your words or they don’t come out at all. You feel tense and uncomfortable. To get out of the situation you may:

Decide to avoid the conclusion and just keep talking about your product or service in an endless circle You may say something vague like

"Give me a ring if ever you might be interested”or answer your self-critic, not your client

  • “I can offer you a discount if you’re interested” They haven’t asked for one!

  • “I know it’s expensive but it’s really good” They haven’t said it’s expensive!

  • “You’re probably not interested at the moment because you’ve got a lot going on, but if ever you are …” When did they say that!

As you come away from your appointment or call, you kick yourself with what you should have said, how rubbish you are. Rumination sets in.

Sometimes the fear and apprehension of selling are so great that you do everything you can to avoid an appointment or call in the first place! You procrastinate: I'm not ready yet, soon...

By the way, the 5th C Consolidate is the chat you have with your client after they have signed up or bought your product to strengthen your relationship. How lovely it is to get there!

If you want to stop this negative spiral of fear and avoidance when you sell, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help.

How does it work?

Your hypnotherapist will teach you calming techniques to switch off the panic and fear.

You’ll override the negative thoughts with powerful positive ones. Imagine your mind having a new path to go down and enjoy rather than the barbed wire lane you’re using at the moment. One where you can explore enjoying a sales conversation!

Using hypnotherapy, you’ll see yourself in the situation and experience yourself calmer, more confident, focused on your client’s needs and truly present.

When you use hypnotherapy to root ideas, thoughts, feeling and actions about a particular situation, when you experience it in reality you automatically tune into these more helpful pathways.

To conclude, hypnotherapy won’t magically make your sales, but it will help you feel more assured and comfortable during your conversations with clients.

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