What can CB

Hypnotherapy help?

The many benefits of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy

CB hypnotherapy can help with many different physical, cognitive and behavioural symptoms associated with stress and anxiety

Improve Self Confidence

When your self-confidence is low, you’re often too concerned by what others might think, say or believe about you. Are you wasting energy worrying about others too much? Do you find it hard to concentrate on your skills, needs, and wants? Do you want to gain self-empowerment?

CB hypnotherapy teaches you to speak, feel, and behave with confidence. You’ll learn effective relaxation tools, assertiveness skills, and self-confidence building techniques to give you the freedom to be you. And no longer worry about what others think, say, or believe!

Sleep better

When your mind and body are tense and stressed you're unable to relax. Do you have problems either falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you wake up tired and go to bed anxious at the idea of another sleepless night? When this goes on for weeks or months it starts to have a negative impact on your life. Are you looking for a natural insomnia treatment?

CB hypnotherapy can help you achieve what seems out of your grasp - a good refreshing night's sleep. You'll learn relaxation techniques and skills to stop the cogs whirring! 

Stop fears and phobias

Do you have irrational fears and phobias that you can’t shake off? Your logical mind knows it's “nonsense,” but your emotions and actions are uncontrollably fearful. Do you do everything to avoid your fear? Do you put in place elaborate avoidance or escape techniques and worry a lot? Is this getting you down? Are you ready to get rid of your fear?

CB hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fear or phobia once and for all. You can unlock the potential for a fuller life. Just imagine what it's like to be free of these unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and actions!

Improve skills and performances

When you want to improve a skill or prepare yourself for a performance, you can sometimes start a self-sabotaging cycle of negative self-talk. Are you striving to achieve an impossible perfectionism? Do you lack belief in your abilities?  Do you worry about what others will think? All of these negative thoughts have an unhelpful hold on you. Are you ready to do something about it?

CB hypnotherapy gives you the self-confidence, imagination training, and relaxation skills to move beyond your limits! 

Stop unwanted habits

Have you picked up a habit that you can’t get rid of it? Do you seem to have no control over what you are doing when the urge to indulge takes hold? Have you had enough and want to stop?

CB hypnotherapy can help you get rid of the habit that may annoy or embarrass you. It may also irritate those around you! You’ll feel a great sense of achievement and confidence when you quit! Your mastery opens you up to the creative strength of your mind.

Achieve Health & Fitness Goals

When you have a weight or fitness goal, you can ruin your efforts through the simple power of your own mind. Destructive self-talk creates a vicious circle that you can get stuck in. Do you recognize yourself here? Are you ready to do something about it?

CB Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals. You'll learn to stop the negative self-talk and use the wonderful strength of your mind to achieve your target.

Stop social anxiety

Do you dread meeting new people, going on a date, socializing, talking in meetings, giving a presentation? How do you cope at the moment? Do you use a variety of avoidance techniques and just escape from the situation? Or do you battle through and feel terrible and just live in dread of the next event.

CB hypnotherapy teaches you techniques to use to overcome fear and anxiety. You can successfully rise to your challenges and shine through!

Stress and anxiety can have a real impact on your ability to think straight and make decisions. Do you feel irritable and forgetful? Do you lack confidence and motivation to achieve your goals? Do you want to clear your mind and focus?

CB hypnotherapy can help reduce your mental tension. We deep dive to see what thoughts and feelings need to be confronted and give you the skills to change them. Your mind clears, and your confidence increases. This tension is not inevitable or long term!

Clear mental fogginess

Boost your mood

Do you feel unhappy, lacking in confidence, and motivation? Do you have little energy or enthusiasm to "get out there"?  Do you want to get and feel better?

Using CB hypnotherapy we look at what may be behind this. Is it insomnia? Social anxiety? Work stress? Irrational fears? A lack of confidence? A combination of issues?

Once we know, we use practical CB techniques, combined with hypno-therapy, to help give you back control and energy! 

Simply relax 

One of the great benefits of hypnosis is the ability to achieve deep muscular and mental relaxation quickly and easily. You can learn to relax completely, recharging your body and your mind with a calming energy. Being calm and focused on the present moment is often the starting point for solving your problems efficiently.


CB hypnotherapy gives you useful techniques, tailored for your needs, that you can use while on the move in your daily life.

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