What is Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy ?

CB Hypnotherapy combines solution-focused hypnosis with cognitive behavioural therapy to give you tools for effective stress and anxiety management. 

It's a short therapy that focuses on how to get better and feel better today. CB hypnotherapy is based on the way thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and actions are interconnected.


Negative thoughts and feelings can lead to you feeling trapped in a vicious cycle. With CB hypnotherapy, you learn to give yourself the option to relieve or stop your symptoms. The sessions are collaborative, enjoyable, and change your outlook on life. They focus on transferring skills not on creating dependency.


The change work that you engage in, liberates and gives you hope. When you discover the strength, resilience, and adaptability of your mind, you'll discover that the problems you thought were with you for good can be resolved! When you understand and manage the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and actions, your stress and anxiety symptoms can go away just as easily as they came.


During a hypnotherapy session, we explore how you think, feel, and act to give you effective skills that you can use straight away in your life. 

CB Hypnotherapy resolves problems that you thought were firmly rooted and impossible to deal with. Imagine it as opening up new, more helpful paths in your mind that erase the old, unnecessary ones. We’re all capable of breaking out of vicious cycles that make our lives smaller, less enjoyable than we want. It just takes one positive action today to start turning it around!

I have a wide range of treatment elements to draw upon to create a tailored and flexible treatment plan for you. This can include problem-definition, problem-solving and decision-making methods, deep relaxation skills training, habit-breaking protocols, assertiveness training, social confidence and self-confidence building, negative thought stopping, pain control, positive mood training.

Together we choose what is best for you to achieve your goals!

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is, safe and completely natural! It’s a mindset of deep concentration that lets you focus deeply on suggestions, ideas, and images. Everyone can learn this lifelong skill that connects you to the power of your mind. The hypnotic mindset is similar to the one you have when you’re absorbed in a film or a book. You’re in control and can react to what is going on around you, it's your choice to concentrate on your subject.

Is hypnosis mind control?

No, you're always in control of your own mind. If anything, CB hypnotherapy helps you gain greater control of your own mind as you understand how it works better. The therapist suggests ideas that you have often worked on prior to the hypnosis part of the session, you are free to accept these or not.

Am I in a trance?

No, when you're in a hypnotic mindset, you're deeply focused on a particular subject, idea, or image. This undivided, deep attention gives hypnosis its strength to help you test in your imagination the changes to your actions thoughts, and feeling that will help you with your challenges in the outside world. You can always remain aware of what is going on around you if you choose to. 

Can I get struck in hypnosis?

No, once the hypnosis part of the therapy session is finished, the therapist will gradually bring your mind to focus on the room you are in and the feeling of your body. Even if this were not the case, you would gently come back to the present just as when you are daydreaming.

Can hypnotherapy work online?

Hypnotherapy can be practised either in person or online - its effectiveness is the same. Online is the ideal solution when you want to fit sessions around your schedule and not spend time travelling to and from sessions. Using easily available video conference tools we can see each other clearly and establish a warm environment together. My clients have all appreciated this solution.