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Guided relaxation and self-hypnosis workshops for trichotillomania or dermotillomania 

Trichotillomania  or Dermotillomania are often linked to anxiousness and a general feeling of unease in the body and mind.

By picking at your skin or pulling your hair you increase the stress symptoms even if you experience a slight momentary release. You then find yourself in a terrible spiral of picking or pulling  together with shame and distress that you find hard to get out of.

This 2hr workshop introduces you to essential relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques that will help you gain control over your compulsive behaviour. It offers you a beautiful introduction to how relaxation techniques can help you.

We finish the session with a special  self-hypnosis experience with powerful affirmations to give you the strength you need to overcome your habit

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Workshop FAQ

How many people can attend?

I have limited the number to 8 to ensure that you'll have a personalised experience.

How will it work?

The session will take place online via zoom, you can attend from your familiar environment, all you need is to be comfortable and  have a good internet connection.

What is self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a relaxed, focused calm state of mind that you can reach either by listening to the voice of a hypnotherapist or an audio recording . Once in this focused mindset you can either simply relax physically and mentally or work on imagining different behaviours, thoughts and feelings when confronted with certain challenges.

It's a smart, strategic way to train your mind to realise your goals.

Will I have the recordings after the session?

Yes, you will have access to pre-recorded versions of the exercises we will practice during the session.

Will this workshop cure me of hair pulling or skin picking?

There is no known cure for compulsive hair pulling or skin picking, however knowing and effectively using coping strategies to destress and release tension and install positive, strong affirmations deep in your mind will help you feel much more confident and relaxed.

Is this a group therapy session?

No, this is a group relaxation and self-hypnosis workshop specifically designed for Trichotillomania or demotillomania sufferers, it's aim is not to deal with individual issues. You can use this in conjunction with any therapy you're currently undertaking or as a standalone workshop

Is this for children?

No, this is a group relaxation and self-hypnosis workshop for adults. If you'd like to find out more about how I can help your son or daughter you can do this here

Can I book an individual session?

If you wish to book an individual session you can do this here 

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