Hypnotherapy for Trichotillomania (hair-pulling)

Trichotillomania, or trich, for short, is the name of a compulsive hair pulling habit. You pull hair from your head, eyebrows, or eyelashes or more rarely from other areas of your body. Men may pull their beards.

The habit often starts when in adolescence and affects an estimated 2-5% of the population, women make up 90% of the sufferers.

There is no known cause for Trich. You may pull when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. You may also pull when you feel bored, frustrated, or just tired.

It might be something you tend to do when you're driving, on the phone, on the computer, or sitting down watching TV. 

There are often certain internal or external factors that increase your tendency to pull.

Pulling hair can distract you either from your self-sabotaging thoughts or from boredom and lead to short-lived relief and even a certain pleasure.

Once the hair-pulling phase stops, the guilt and regret when you see the damage done, return in full force.

A negative cycle settles in. 

You may suffer trichotillomania in silence, not even knowing that it has a name or that others have it too. It's something you do when you are on your own and secretly. You try to hide and ignore it, and you just can't seem to stop.

Trich can leave you with low self-esteem, ashamed and embarrassed, and wondering what is wrong with you.

Is this you?

You spend a lot of time worrying about what your hair looks like

You're afraid that people will notice your bald patches or thinning hair

Your muscles ache from compulsive hair-pulling

You feel self-conscious, ashamed, and guilty

You refuse or avoid social or sporting activities for fear your hair loss will be evealed

Your personal relationships suffer as a result of Trichotillomania

Read on!

How Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help you manage or stop Trichotillomania

Trich is a stubborn compulsive habit, this is why I have developed a specific programme.

The HEADSTRONG PROGRAMME incorporates CB Hypnotherapy, Habit Reversal Protocol, Mindfulness, Acceptance Therapy and Relaxation Techniques.

These are all evidence proven techniques that work to stop the devasting effects of trichotillomania on your life.

The deep, relaxed, focused mindset that hypnosis offers, lets you accept suggestions, explore feelings and imagine being pull-free in the peaceful realms of your imagination.

You learn to stop your physical hair pulling habit and put in place a firm alternative action using a powerful habit reversal protocol.

In order for this to be a long-term recovery during the programme, you also learn skills and techniques to:

- Release stress and anxiety​ and experience calm and deep relaxation.

- Identify, stop and change self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings

- Have to hand strong coping strategies to ensure your recovery is permanent

The wonderful side effect of the programme is that your regained self-confidence helps you in many different areas of your life 

If you’re ready and willing to put in the work and the time, my treatment can at last release you from the overwhelming effects of this habit.

Just imagine how life could be if trichotillomania was no longer disrupting it!


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Find out about the HEADSTRONG Free yourself from Trichotillomania Programme here

Discover the 1:1 online coaching and therapy sessions, the De-Stress Bootcamp and the ongoing support group

Bec Djapovic
Queensland Australia

After 28 years of hair-pulling, Bec is now in control and free!

Jo Tilley
(Near Cardiff (Wales)

Pulling out her hair and eyebrows was such a long-standing habit that Jo had no hope things might change. Then the unthinkable happened. 

Ally Grant 
(Missouri USA)

Ally's confidence has gone through the roof now that she no longer pulls her eyebrows and eyelashes!

 "I have found the Headstrong programme very helpful in managing trich, I have gone from having no coping strategies to being able to control my pulling urges with considerable success"

Sophie Walker, Dover UK

(Central Coast, Australia)

 "I would just like to tell you of my testimony for the wonderful support, encouragement and the most helpful tools that Morag has given me to actually stop my pulling and bring so much joy and freedom back into my life by breaking free of this very destructive habit/condition.

I pulled for over 40 years staring with my eyelashes then eyebrows then scalp and arms.I thought I was on a never ending spiral of never being able to wear my hair out or dive into the ocean ever again.

Then I came across Morag and the wonderful,strategic and very targeted programme that she has developed to help people with Tricho.I live in Australia and have not found anything that is totally focused for people with this condition.

I can totally recommend and encourage anyone who is struggling with Trichotillomania to participate and work with Morag to conquer your Tricho as I did .I am pull free now.My hair is now totally covering my scalp and continuing to grow as are my eyelashes and eyebrows.The latter two are taking a little longer I think due to the prolonged time of my pulling but they are now there.

After all these years of embarrassment, self sabotage and low self esteem with this issue I am soooo grateful to Morag and her work and encouragement.You are such a blessing Morag,thank you so very much for your work to support all of us and give us a workable solution for Trichotillimania".