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Hypnotherapy for self-doubt


Self-confidence is such an important belief to have. Without it, you feel unsure and anxious.

You become prey to your own negative self-talk and believe the unhelpful words you're saying to yourself. In effect, you practice your own negative self-hypnosis. 


Self-doubt takes over.  You persuade yourself that it won’t work, that you’re not good enough. You believe the catastrophic scenarios you act out in your mind. 

If you do manage to act, you’re extremely self-conscious and believe that everyone is judging you.

You become stuck in a cycle of being anxious before an event, uncomfortable and agitated during it, and ruminating about what went wrong afterwards. 

Here are some general situations where low self-confidence can affect you. Do you recognise yourself?


  • Walking into a room of new people can be difficult

  • The thought of speaking in a meeting can make you feel nervous and agitated

  • You have sleepless nights before a work presentation

  • You believe you’re not capable and an impostor

  • You don’t go for the job, change career because you’re sure it’s going to fail

  • You constantly worry about what people are thinking and saying about you


How Cognitive Behavioural hypnotherapy can help you regain confidence

Self-confidence is a core belief and strength to claim back. We're all born confident!. Just think of small children learning to walk or talk. They try again and again, they believe they can do it and that other people are there to help and encourage them.

Now imagine a life where you can not only regain but also strengthen your self-confidence! Where your central core belief in yourself means you can live the full life you want. Taking opportunities, doing new things, putting yourself out there!

Whether your low confidence is due to recent events in your life or has been around longer, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy can help you.

During our sessions, you’ll discover and practice a toolbox of life-changing coping skills.

  • Learn to relax quickly and effectively

  • Recognise and challenge your negative thoughts and create strong positive cognitions and feelings

  • Remember past negative experiences and use them as a learning tool

  • Rehearse new coping skills using hypnosis 

  • Install new positive suggestions and beliefs in your mind while in a deep state of hypnotic relaxation


You generally need between 3 and 6 hypnotherapy sessions to build up your self-confidence, giving you back the confidence to live the life you want and not the life you settle for!

Imagine a life where you can be the self-confident person you want to be!

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