Hypnotherapy and Pain Management

Pain is a very personal sensation, it can change from person to person, and even within yourself, depending on the day, your mood, what’s happening around you or whether you know the reason for your pain. Each person lives their pain in a different way.

You can consider chronic pain from various angles 


  • Sensory - how you describe the pain (aching, throbbing, tingling, dull…) where it is, how it changes and varies over time

  • Cognitive - what your thoughts are about it, what attention you give it, how you anticipate and maybe fear the idea of pain (imagine the dentist’s drill….)

  • Behavioural - what you do when you have discomfort, how this affects your work, family, social life. Do you withdraw? Change your habits?

  • Affective - how you feel about your pain, how you react to it emotionally

This introduces the idea that you can influence and manage your pain, even if you are not yet aware of it.


Pain is an important sensation to have, as it warns you that something is wrong somewhere that needs your attention. However, once you know the cause of your pain, (always see your local GP who will investigate what is causing the pain and how to treat it), you can learn how to manage it.

How cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help manage pain

CB Hypnotherapy is one of the tools you can use to manage your pain and lessen the fear, anxiety, and fatigue that can accompany it. 


When you’re in pain, you’re often engaged in a negative cycle 

  • Anticipation of pain

  • Physical tension and anxious thoughts

  • Pain  


In our sessions, you’ll learn coping tools to increase your comfort and strengthen your ability to influence your emotional, behavioural and cognitive response to pain. 


  • Experience and strengthen deep physical and mental relaxation 

  • Learn how to turn down your perception of pain, giving you the experience of being in control

  • Learn to use different visualization techniques to harness and strengthen the peaceful, serene and powerful feeling this gives

  • Address your negative emotions and thoughts 

  • Gain self-confidence in your ability to do something about your pain and be more than a helpless victim.

Imagine the relief and peace of being able to regain a degree of control of your pain. Alternative therapy provider

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What my clients say

Back Pain


I suffer from chronic back pain. Throughout a challenging year full of various medical appointments, examinations and tests with different practitioners – she’s been the only one who has guided me and enabled me to find the tools of self-control and pain management within me. The sessions via video were a strong point as I felt at ease in a chosen, comfortable, familiar, space. She is gentle, professional, and an extremely good listener; I felt in very safe hands. Hypnosis is wrongly advertised as a loss of control at the hands of the practitioner when it’s quite the opposite. The tools, the keys, or the options are within ourselves and Morag is the perfect person to help us find and apply them. I can highly recommend her as a therapist.

                                                                                                        Kayla Larras, Grenoble (FR)

Pain control

I was curious to find out more about this therapy, and I'm very happy I did! Through using 'pictures' in my imagination I can manage what I believed to be out of my control. I feel much calmer and far less anxious when I'm in pain or suffer a malaise. What is quite extraordinary is that I can control the level of pain and lower it.

Cathy Joubert, Lyon (FR)