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Hypnotherapy for anxiety

When you feel anxious, your mind is besieged with constant worry and you have the overriding belief that you’re not good enough to handle the situation or event you are faced with. 


Social anxiety can be a powerful inhibitor. Before an event, you imagine the worst-case scenarios and convince yourself that everything will be a disaster. During the event, you imagine all the negative judgments that are being made about you, and afterward you ruminate about how terrible you were. Then you start worrying about a future event. This is a dreadful downward spiral to be caught up in. Anxiousness can lead to panic attacks that make you feel helpless and scared.

These are some of the symptoms you may experience because of anxiety :

  • You feel tense, your muscles are constantly contracted

  • You believe that everyone else is better than you

  • You lack confidence and feel anxious in social situations

  • Your sleep is affected 

  • Your mind goes blank at key moments and you find it difficult to concentrate

  • You feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope

  • You engage in negative, self-critical  thinking and believe that people are judging you

  • Your heart races, you can feel your breathing is shallow and short

How Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help reduce anxiety

When you feel anxious, your mind and body are on red alert and can’t find the pause, relax and restore switch. An effective part of the treatment I offer is to show you how you can self-regulate your mind and body using self-hypnosis.


Once you know how to achieve this feeling of mental calm and the ability to release physical tension, we work on building up your self-confidence so that  you feel much more in control of your mind, feelings, and behaviour.


We can unpack the negative thoughts you repeat to yourself, challenge and replace them with more helpful, positive cognitions and beliefs.


You learn to be kind to yourself again and your own best ally not enemy!

We work on assertiveness, you learn the freedom of expressing your feelings and opinions openly and honestly. You no longer fear what other people might think or say about you or your opinions, you give yourself the right to your own beliefs.

These coping skills help you to feel more in charge, calmer, and with the ability to steer away from negative thoughts.

Imagine no longer feeling anxious!

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