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Hypnotherapy Sucess Stories

Needle and Vein Phobia

I was initially skeptical – particularly because it all took place remotely. But Morag was amazing! She quickly put me at ease, listened carefully to my problems, asked intelligent questions & gently but firmly pushed me to think more logically about my fears. The practise recordings in between sessions – the homework – were great! Not only have I now overcome my phobia, but I’m sleeping much better & I feel generally more relaxed & confident. So a big thank you!

Sue Jelley (London)


I feel much more in control and confident in my feelings and reactions to things each day.  I don’t doubt myself and have more confidence that it is okay to do what I am doing.  I feel more in control in a healthy way. I’m able to remove myself from a situation or thought and see if my response is rational, but then believe my conclusion and move on. I actually think I feel happier.

Fritha (Switzerland)

Thank you Morag for supporting me through a wobbly phase. I found the hypnotherapy very helpful. Your approach is calm and positive and containing. It's so nice to have someone really listen and I thank you for that. I found the exercises really useful and they provided me with a clear positive direction to move in, whilst managing some difficult feelings. I have really appreciated the added bonus of the Bootcamp and I feel I have received a very personalised service, delivered with real care. I would recommend Morag to anyone who needs some support. 

H. London, UK

Just 3 sessions with Morag helped me to break my nail-biting habit - I finally have the neat nails I always wished for! In the sessions, we identified why and how I bit my nails and then found a new behaviour to replace the nail-biting. I thoroughly recommend working with Morag to help you make the changes you wish to see!                                             

Annabel, London (UK)


I’m retired and have bitten my nails all my life. I’ve tried everything to stop, but nothing's worked. What I liked about Morag’s hypnosis sessions is that no guilt or judgment was involved. We explored when and how I bit my nails. Using hypnosis we did relaxation and visualization exercises. I really felt that I had been given allies to help me. Today, I no longer bite my nails! I feel as if a burden has been taken away and I’ve even gained in self-confidence! I highly recommend these hypnosis sessions: it’s been the only way for me to overcome a childhood habit     

Anne Bruyère, Grenoble (France)


I suffer from chronic back pain. Throughout a challenging year full of various medical appointments, examinations and tests with different practitioners – she’s been the only one who has guided me and enabled me to find the tools of self-control and pain management within me. The sessions via video were a strong point as I felt at ease in a chosen, comfortable, familiar, space. She is gentle, professional, and an extremely good listener; I felt in very safe hands. Hypnosis is wrongly advertised as a loss of control at the hands of the practitioner when it’s quite the opposite. The tools, the keys, or the options are within ourselves and Morag is the perfect person to help us find and apply them. I can highly recommend her as a therapist 

Kayla Larras, Grenoble (France)

Back Pain

Imposter Syndrome

You helped me feel at ease from the outset. Sessions were planned around the times that worked for me, from the comfort of my sofa. You heard what I was saying, and acknowledged my thoughts and feelings, and then provided a wealth of theory and resources to help me make better sense of this, and activate positive changes. It’s so helpful to understand CBT and know that most people have these thoughts and feelings, a great first step to change. Also works so well with the mindfulness and hypnotherapy aspect. I haven't explored hypnotherapy before and was surprised at how deeply relaxed I could feel. Whilst still being fully present. There are so many resources I now have access to, to use as and when I need them, and which have provided great insight into what is happening for me in the moment. I have a calmer and more confident approach to things now, and can draw on some of the resources in my everyday life. Thank you Morag, 

Lydia Gianetti, UK

Menopause symptoms

Listen to Cathy (or read the translation below) to discover how pain that began during menopause is now under control



Morag - Hi Cathy. Thank's for sharing your testimony.

So can you explain what your problem is

how we worked together and what it brought you.


Cathy - So I had a lot of discomfort following my menopause.Really unpleasant feelings that started in my legs and moved up and made me feel so oppressed that I would cry with the discomfort and I also had sciatica on my right side that I just couldn’t get rid of. I'd tried several treatments that didn’t help and with our three sessions, together I was able to acquire techniques that allow me to manage the pain. and no longer be managed by it! I’m no longer at its mercy! And it was these techniques that are based on breathing, relaxation, and imagination training. Well, I quickly had results and above all I understood that it’s better to address the computer in our brain to relieve us rather than

to take lots of drugs that ultimately don't do much for us.

Morag - Thank you. Thank you very much, Cathy and I am delighted that you feel better, Thank you.

Cathy - Thank you.

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