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You're here to find out about how to de-stress and feel calmer. That's a first great step!

You know that when stress and anxiety become overwhelming and impact your life negatively it’s time to find a solution! You may feel that if you don’t, your health and quality of life will suffer. Your hunch is right.


Stress and anxiety can affect you, whatever your age, gender, profession, or nationality. Here are a couple of statistics which show that you are not alone in this.

A Mental Health Foundation 2018 survey found 74% of the British population felt so stressed at some point in the year, they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope¹. More recently, a survey carried out by The National Office for Statistics during the coronavirus pandemic in May 2020, reported 63% of the respondents felt stressed or anxious². Stress and anxiety together with depression were responsible for 44% of work-related ill health and 54% of working days lost in 2018/19³.

Stress and anxiety can affect your mind, emotions, physical health, and behaviour. You may typically experience, low mood, insomnia, fears, or worry incessantly.

There are many therapeutic options out there to address the symptoms you experience. Here at Positive Actions Today we specialize in two that we believe are effective and fast-acting.

74% of the British population felt so stressed, they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope at some point in the year.

63% of British respondents felt stressed or anxious during the coronavirus pandemic.

Powerful complementary therapies to get better and feel better fast.


If you’re here because you want to feel calmer, happier, and more confident quickly, then Positive Actions Today have the solutions to help. 


We specialize in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy that gives you effective skills to put in place in your everyday life. After just a little practice, you’ll experience tangible improvements. CB hypnotherapy healing uses the natural strength and creativity of your mind to give you the confidence and tools to lead the life you want.


We also give Reiki energy healing treatments. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress and anxiety reduction. We all have a life force, or Reiki, flowing through us.  When this energy is low, you are more prone to stress. By increasing it you are more capable of feeling relaxed. A Reiki treatment offers you a physical and mental calming space where natural healing can take place.


To find out how Positive Actions Today can help you with the specific challenges you face, we’d like to invite you to come inside and discover more.


Hypnosis is wrongly advertised as a loss of control at the hands of the practitioner when it’s quite the opposite. The tools, the keys, or the options are within ourselves and Morag is the perfect person to help us find and apply them.

Kayla Larras, Grenoble (FR)

I highly recommend these hypnosis sessions: it's been the only way for me to overcome a habit I've had since childhood 

Anne Bruyère, Grenoble (FR)

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