De-stress and reduce anxiety with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

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Stress and anxiety can hit you whatever your age, position, or gender.  When their effects leave you tense, frustrated, and lacking in confidence, you know it’s time to find a solution!

Do you want to feel good again?

If your answer is yes then read on! That's a great start. You've just made an all-important first step. Deciding that things need to change. 

Get ready to take back control of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour!

Stop stress and



Tired of worrying? Not getting any decent sleep? Finding it more and more difficult to deal with your fears? Lacking motivation? Feeling down?

Get the tools you need to quieten your mind and enter a state of peace and relaxation.

Cut out bad



Smoking, nail-biting, or over-eating. Hypnotherapy helps you quit any of your damaging behaviours.

You can break the cycle of negative thinking and un-helpful habits.  Permanently.

Discover empowering beliefs 


Learn how to silence the inner critic and stop overthinking. Make the positive voice in your head ring out loud and clear and find true self-confidence. You no longer need the approval of someone else to shine!

Transform your life fast with

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.


​Yes, it really does work.

CB Hypnotherapy is a short-term therapy focused on how to get better today. You don’t need to attend countless therapy sessions to start seeing tangible results. It’s one of the smartest methods available for you to regain control. CB hypnotherapy is effective because it opens you up to new, more beneficial ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving. Hypnotherapy has a life-changing, long-lasting effect on your whole life. In just a few sessions, using the power of your mind and motivation, you’ve done what you thought was impossible! You've gained self-confidence and now have a ‘toolbox’ of skills you can use not just today, but always.

Online sessions are available in English or French to clients around the world. Book a free 30 minute consultation. We'll talk through the challenges you're facing and how I can help you.

Jo had been struggling for years 


Pulling out her hair and eyebrows was such a long-standing habit that Jo had no hope things might change. Then the unthinkable happened. After just three sessions of CB Hypnotherapy Jo experienced life-changing results. 

The tools, the keys, or the options are within ourselves and Morag is the perfect person to help us find and apply them.

Kayla Larras, Grenoble (FR)

I highly recommend these hypnosis sessions: it's been the only way for me to overcome a habit I've had since childhood 

Anne Bruyère, Grenoble (FR)

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