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Gain Confidence, Stop Anxiety Break Habits

Do you feel stressed and anxious?

Does this show in worrying thoughts, negative self-talk, and the nagging feeling of never being good enough?

Are you afraid, even terrified, of certain situations or events?

Are you sick and tired of your unwanted habit or compulsive disorder?

Do you want to regain your self-confidence and inner calm? 

If these questions have struck a chord then...

Hypnotherapy could be your fast, effective solution.

Transform your life fast with

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.


CB Hypnotherapy is a short-term therapy focused on how to get better TODAY. 

It’s one of the smartest methods available for you to regain control of those areas of your life that are troubling you.


CB hypnotherapy is effective because it opens you up to more helpful ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving. Through deep, hypnotic concentration you can reset your mind to be your greatest life ally, effectively removing self-sabotaging thoughts.

From the comfort and safety of the therapy session, you practise new thought patterns, and experience how this changes your feelings and frees your actions.


When you face the situation you want to change in reality, your mind and body adopt the new mental and physical pathway that you have experimented during the sessions. The old negative reactions become redundant.

Hypnosis is completely safe and natural. It’s a state of mind where you concentrate intensely on a particular thought, situation, or feeling. You remain in control throughout the whole process while the hypnotherapist helps you to discover and engage your own internal healing resources.


Hypnotherapy has a life-changing, long-lasting effect. In just a few sessions, using the power of your mind and motivation, you’ve done what you thought was impossible! You have freed yourself from your challenges, gained self-confidence, and now have a ‘toolbox’ of skills to hand when you need them.

​Yes, it really does work!

"Morag has a calm perceptive presence which is reassuring and what you need in times of crisis or periods of unease. She is extremely perceptive making it easier for you to understand and find solutions for particular issues"

Alice Baker  London (UK)

1:1 therapy sessions 

Morag Stevenson

BA Hons (Applied Social Sciences)


Hi, I'm Morag Stevenson, a SW London-based Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach.

Fully qualified and experienced, I offer online and face to face sessions in English and French to clients from around the world.

Free yourself from stressanxiety and unwanted habits using a powerful blend of hypnosis, cognitive behavioural techniques, and mindfulness.

My sessions give you autonomy and practical solutions. Within a comfortable setting, I gently yet firmly guide you to find solutions to your challenges.






and alternative therapy provider

1:1 What my clients say 

Don't just take my word for it! Read how just a few sessions can change your life!


I went into this not really knowing what to expect but feeling happy to give it a go as Morag was recommended by a friend.  During the initial phone call that we had I immediately felt that Morag was someone I could trust and would be comfortable talking with, she took the time to delve into what I was struggling with, but not in an intrusive way.  I remember feeling more positive after that initial call than I had in months, and that was before we had started any of our sessions.  Now at the end of the process, I still feel positive as well as more confident, more self-assured and happier.

Fritha, (CH)

Weight Management

I contacted Morag for help with over-eating. It had recently gotten out of control during lockdown. Through gentle yet persistent questioning, Morag really got to the heart of my issues. By introducing simple changes to my daily routines and questioning my habits, Morag has really helped me move the dial on the scales in a very positive way. Thank you!

Claire Stakim, (UK)

Back Pain

I suffer from chronic back pain. Throughout a challenging year full of various medical appointments, examinations, and tests with various practitioners, she's been the only one who has guided me and enabled me to find the tools of self-control and pain management within me. The sessions via video were a strong point as I felt at ease in a chosen, comfortable familiar space. She is gentle, professional, and an extremly good listener; I felt in very safe hands. Hypnosis is wrongly advertised as a loss of control at the hands of the practitioner when it's quite the opposite. The tools, the keys or the options within ourselves and Morag is the perfect person to help us find and apply them. I can highly recommend her as a therapist.

Kayla Larras, Grenoble (FR)

Practice Locations


I work online with clients from around the UK and the world and in Teddington at the Orange Tree Clinic

Thank you Morag for supporting me through a wobbly phase. I found the hypnotherapy very helpful. Your approach is calm and positive and containing. It's so nice to have someone really listen and I thank you for that. I found the exercises really useful and they provided me with a clear positive direction to move in, whilst managing some difficult feelings. I have really appreciated the added bonus of the Bootcamp and I feel I have received a very personalised service, delivered with real care. I would recommend Morag to anyone who needs some support. 

H. London

You helped me feel at ease from the outset. Sessions were planned around the times that worked for me, from the comfort of my sofa. You heard what I was saying, and acknowledged my thoughts and feelings, and then provided a wealth of theory and resources to help me make better sense of this, and activate positive changes. It’s so helpful to understand CBT and know that most people have these thoughts and feelings, a great first step to change. Also works so well with the mindfulness and hypnotherapy aspect. I haven't explored hypnotherapy before and was surprised at how deeply relaxed I could feel. Whilst still being fully present. There are so many resources I now have access to, to use as and when I need them, and which have provided great insight into what is happening for me in the moment. I have a calmer and more confident approach to things now, and can draw on some of the resources in my everyday life. Thank you Morag, 

Lydia Gianetti, UK

Ally Grant suffered from trichotillomania (hairpulling). 
(Missouri USA)

Find out about the Headstrong Programme to free yourself from Trichotillomania  here 


What is Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy FAQ

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is, safe and completely natural! It’s a mindset of deep concentration that lets you focus on different thoughts, feelings, or situations. Everyone can learn this lifelong skill that connects you to the power of your mind. The hypnotic mindset is similar to the one you have when you’re absorbed in a film or a book. You can either be led into hypnosis during a hypnotherapy session with your hypnotherapist and/or learn self-hypnosis.

Will I quickly see and feel the benefits?

CB hypnotherapy is a short-term therapy. Clients often feel and observe the benefits in their life after the first session. This is a therapy that always gives you a greater feeling of confidence and self-efficacy.

Is hypnosis mind control?

No, you're always in control of your own mind. If anything, CB hypnotherapy helps you gain greater control of your own mind as you understand how it works better. The therapist suggests ideas that you have often worked on prior to the hypnosis part of the session, you are free to accept these or not.

Am I in a trance?

No, when you're in a hypnotic mindset, you're deeply focused on a particular subject, idea, or image. This undivided attention gives hypnosis its strength. You can test in your imagination the changes to your actions thoughts, and feelings that will help you with your challenges in the 'real' world. You can always remain aware of what is going on around you and snap out of hypnosis if you choose to. 

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No, once the hypnosis part of the therapy session is finished, the therapist will gradually bring your mind to focus on the room you are in and the feeling of your body. Even if this were not the case, you would gently come back to the present just as when you are daydreaming.

Can hypnotherapy work online?

Hypnotherapy can be practised either in person or online - its effectiveness is the same. Online is the ideal solution when you want to fit sessions around your schedule and not spend time travelling to and from sessions. Using easily available video conference tools we can see each other clearly and establish a warm environment together. My clients have all appreciated this solution.

Testimony Jo Tilley 
(Cardiff UK)

Pulling out her hair and eyebrows (trichotillomania) was such a long-standing habit that Jo had no hope things might change. Then the unthinkable happened.