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Hypnosis. Do you believe it works?

Hypnos is the name of the Greek god of sleep, the Roman equivalent is Somnus.

Which might make you think that hypnosis is all about sleeping.

It’s not.

Let’s bust a few myths

But before we do that let’s clarify what hypnosis and hypnotherapy are?


is a mindset or 'state' of deep concentration that lets you focus without interruption and wholeheartedly on different thoughts, feelings, or situations. It’s a state of mind you put yourself in. In hypnotherapy, your therapist guides you into this comfortable, relaxed, and calm state of mind.

Another way to describe hypnosis is guided visualisation or strategic imaginings.

You choose to guide your thoughts to imagine certain situations more intensely, This process gives you possibilities, answers, and choices that you might not have considered before.

in other words, hypnosis frees your mind and imagination from its normal constraints. You step off the hamster wheel you find yourself trapped on and let your imagination flow.


uses hypnosis to help you resolve and overcome challenges in your life. It’s particularly effective in helping you :

  • Break unwanted habits and compulsive behaviours

  • Overcome fears and phobias

  • Manage sleep

  • Manage pain

  • Manage stress and anxiety

A cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist uses cognitive behavioural therapy strengthened with hypnosis.

It’s a short therapy that focuses on how to get better and feel better today. It’s based on the way thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and actions are interconnected.

Negative thoughts and feelings can lead to you feeling trapped in a vicious cycle. With CB hypnotherapy, you discover the strength and adaptability of your mind. You see that the problems you thought were with you for good can be resolved!

Myth smash 1
You lose control when you’re in a hypnosis

Nope! You’re always in control. In fact, hypnosis helps you gain more control! A hypnotic mindset lets you step back and take time out to explore your imagination. You can test certain behaviours, strengthen helpful thoughts and weaken useless ones.

It lets you practice what you think, feel and do in different situations before using this in ‘real’ life.

Myth smash 2
Your hypnotherapist can make you do or think anything

Nope! Your hypnotherapist will guide you and give you suggestions but cannot make you do or think anything. The hypnotherapist's role is to help you with her words and images to imagine either overcoming, changing or inventing new behaviour that corresponds to your goals. Whether you do this or not is your choice.

Myth smash 3
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can only work in person and not online

Nope! Because hypnosis is something that you do to yourself, whether you are online with your therapist or face to face is a matter of personal preference and not efficiency. Hypnotherapy as with many other kinds of therapy and counselling 'works' online.

My practice is almost 100% online as I specialise in BFRB’s and have clients from all over the globe

Myth smash 4
Hypnosis works like magic, I don’t have to do anything

Nope! When you’re in a hypnotic mindset you work! When your hypnotherapist makes suggestions, and creates images and situations for you to imagine, you use your mind to make these real in your imagination.

The more you practice hypnosis the easier it becomes for you to guide your imagination.

Everything you imagine your mind believes and sees as real. When you practice new behaviours. see your self overcoming old ways of thinking, feeling or acting, your mind is training itself to 'do' this in 'real' life.

In a nutshell hypnosis and hypnotherapy is the art of strategically using the power of your mind to achieve your goals
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