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How to worry less and live more.

Are you concerned that something bad is going to happen at some point in the future that you won’t be able to cope with? Do you have unsettling, overwhelming, catastrophic thoughts and act out all the imaginable scenes in your head? Worry is something you do in your mind. You can also undo it :)


Try these worry hacks and see which one works for you. 

Worry hacks
for the mind
and body
  • Recognise that you’re worrying. Sometimes we’re off with our thoughts in our own catastrophic imaginary world and don’t even realise that we’re worrying. 

  • Create distance from your worrying thoughts - this is called defusion. Have a go, recognise the worry and stand away from it.

  • Your thoughts are not reality - Remember this! Your worries are not reality. 

  • Step forward in time - once you have the distance, you can ask yourself this great question: ‘Will any of this matter in 5 years time?

  • Remember - most of what we worry about never happens. Our worry is unnecessary.

  • Problem-solve. When you worry, you try to imagine how you can control the terrible unfolding of events as you imagine them. So why not sit down, maybe with a pen and paper, and think it out properly. If you can do something about it then do so, start a plan.

  • Have a specific time or place to worry. On that chair or only at 4 pm. Create boundaries. You’ll soon problem solve in the place!

  • Relax your face, release the tension from your shoulders, unfurrow your brow, release your jaw, part your lips. Do this as soon as you recognise you’re worrying. Releasing and relaxing your muscles makes changes in your mind too.

If you’re worrying too much, CB hypnotherapy can help you manage your worry or lead a much more worry-free life. The powerful combination of hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy will give you skills that you can apply in your everyday life to manage your worry or better still be worry free! When you are able to control and manage worry you free up time and energy for the stuff you want to do in your life!

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